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MORA is a new generation of appliances, designed and built to fit effortlessly within your life, your home, and your family. We make it easy to select the perfect product to suit your needs, and we offer plenty of useful information to help keep your MORA appliance running at peak performance for years to come.


Tip #1: Allow the coolant to stabilize following delivery.

After your MORA refrigerator has been delivered to your kitchen, allow it to stand upright for about 2 hours before connecting it to the power supply. This reduces the risk of start-up problems in the cooling system resulting from transport.

Tip #2: Prevent icing in the back of the fresh-food compartment.

Icing can happen if the refrigerator door has been left open for too long, or if hot food is placed inside. To avoid this, simply keep the door closed at all times when not in use and allow hot items to cool down before refrigerating them.

Tip #3: Keep your MORA refrigerator out of chilly areas.

Most refrigerators, including ours, can experience difficulty in maintaining a constant interior temperature when the outside ambient air is cooler than 50°F (10°C). We recommend that you place your MORA refrigerator in indoor areas where the temperature is not likely to drop below 50°F.

Tip #4: Your refrigerator wants to breathe fresh air.

Your MORA refrigerator is at its best when it has plenty of ventilation and is not overheating. It’s a good idea to give it at least a couple inches of breathing room from the nearest wall, and to keep it away from too much direct sunlight or other heat sources that will make it work harder and less efficiently.

Tip #5: A full refrigerator is a more efficient refrigerator.

Cooling empty spaces inside your refrigerator actually causes its compressor to work harder over time. Try to keep your refrigerator fully stocked, if possible, to ensure more efficient operation.

Tip #6: Keep the door from standing open.

This may seem a little obvious, but your MORA refrigerator is designed to work at its best and most efficiently when the door is closed. Try to avoid leaving the door open for long periods at a time, if possible, to help ensure longer life and efficient operation.

Tip #7: Read the "Use & Care Guide".

Your new MORA refrigerator ships with a complete "Use & Care Guide" loaded with helpful information to help you get the most out of it… and to help you keep it running properly for years to come.

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